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Grooming Form

Thank you for choosing Oates Veterinary Clinic! Please fill out the form below.

Grooming Form

Thank you for choosing Oates Veterinary Clinic for your pet’s needs. Please fill out our grooming form in its entirety to ensure we can provide you and your pet with the best possible care. Please Note: Any fields with * are required.

I am the owner of the above animal. I authorize for this pet to be groomed at Oates Veterinary Clinic Inc. Your pet is important to us. We want to ensure that every effort is being made to make visits as stress-free, comfortable, and pleasant as possible.

Baths include 30 minutes of combing, nail trim, pads, sanitary shave, external ear cleaning, external anal gland expression, and a bath in the appropriate shampoo.


Groom include a preferred clip, 30 minutes of combing, nail trim, pads, sanitary shave, external ear cleaning, external anal glands expression, and a bath in the appropriate shampoo.


Pricing of baths or grooms does not include - de-shedding, removal of mats, treatment for fleas/ticks, specialty shampoos, or sedation if needed.


The price of de-matting is based upon the time spent. Cost is $11.00 per each 30 minutes (NO EXCEPTIONS). Time spent will be noted. We will not groom around matting or leave mats. Please be aware that very tangled or matted are at greater risk of injury, stress, and trauma. Oates Veterinary Clinic Inc. reserves the right to make the determination of whether or not your pet is matted.

Grooming tools are sharp. Please be aware that there is always a risk of pets being nicked or cut. Pets that are matted, wiggly, become aggressive, unruly, or have physical conditions of skin/coat are at greater risk of injury (such as nicks, cuts, clipper burn, and mental/physical stress). We will take every precaution to avoid injury.


Each pet is unique and will handle events of the visit in different ways. As a general rule, felines are less receptive to change in routine, environment, unusual noises, vibrations, water, and handling. Stress can cause an elevation in glucose levels, heart rate, and physical agitation in felines. Felines have thinner skin than dogs, making them more susceptible to cuts, tears, and clipper abrasions. For safety, we require all felines being clipped be tranquilized or anesthetized for grooming before becoming stressed. Some dogs require tranquilization or anesthetization to prevent stress or injury to themselves or the groomer. We ask you to read the following statements and indicate your preferences.


Some flea treatments require a VCPR (Veterinary-Client-Patient Relationship) to legally dispense medications.


It is the policy of Oates Veterinary Clinic Inc. that ALL pets being groomed are required to be current on vaccines. This is for the protection of your pet, other pets in the clinic, and our staff. We require proof of vaccination to be faxed or dropped off before the groom is scheduled. This is to double-check for proper and current vaccinations.

Proof may be in form of a vaccination certificate, an invoice (which shows the name of the pet, clinic, and type of vaccine, and date given).

Dogs are required to be current on DALPCPV vaccine, Bordetella vaccine, Canine Influenza series, and a Rabies Vaccine. Felines are required to be current Feline Distemper vaccine and a Rabies vaccine.

I have read the previous document and indicated my preferences. By affixing my signature below, I agree to the terms and conditions set forth.

Please inform us of any changes in preferences or contact information.